Our company

Our history

TOENDE, S.L. is a company with more than 50 years of experience in design and manufacture of Mattresses and bedding as well as other rest components.

Combining tradition with new technologies, with its own design style, the constant search of the best raw materials on the market and great enthusiasm at work, we have achieved a catalogue of products in constant evolution for our clients.

Our geographic location, near the surroundings of Barcelona, it´s product of the growth and constant progress. The current situation of our production plant, help us to offer a better and faster service to our clients.

Our company

At present

The long journey in the national market, has given us a solid experience in which, in recent years, we have been able to export our products to different countries, both inside and outside the European community.

This factor, is allowing us to develop our mattresses from a more global vision and incorporate the latest technological advances worldwide.

Our company


We have always focused our efforts, both personal and economic, to offer the best rest products to our customers.

Based on this philosophy, we have invested constantly in the renovation of our production plant with the latest technologies and at the same time, collaborating with our suppliers to develop the best and most innovative rest equipment. In these last two years, in Toende, we have invested more than one million euros in technology and we will constantly continue to do so.