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Latex 80%
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Latex 80%
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Latex 100%
Coconut Fiber 100%


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Dahlia Artis is here to stay. Affection, craftmanship and care combine in a product made completely by hand, with all the quality that implies. As any complex hand made product, it requires time, dedication, and excellence over the craft. Blended in a single mattress each and every one of it’s pieces brings together the most excellent of synergies: “Artis”

You are unique, your mattress too.

Manufacture by hand in an artisanal way.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it can be said that the mattress is your second home. A cabin that can be wrapped in chemical and synthetic products in direct contact with the skin, which influences allergies. This forces us to look for healthy and natural environments for ourselves and our family. Therefore, betting on natural handmade mattresses can mean a significant improvement in our health.

Made with 100% natural materials and 100% organic fabrics and by hand.

The organic and sustainable products are made by hand, with the best natural resources for rest, being 0% toxic and 100% certified. We inspire a more rested and happy world thanks to our handmade mattresses, always maintaining our natural ethics, to protect the health of people and the planet.

The high comfort of a natural rest reflects a physical well-being that is difficult to reproduce with other types of products. It conducts and dissipates heat with the same efficiency that it reduces the proliferation of mites, being an excellent anti-allergen, resulting in a clean and fresh product. All this brings with it an original pleasure, made by hand, like nature..

Our materials used such as latex, cotton, coconut and natural fibers have obtained the OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 certification, which ensures that there are no products or chemical substances that are harmful to health. Furthermore, our natural materials such as cotton, coconut and latex are biodegradable without any negative environmental impact. Made with 100% natural materials and 100% organic fabrics and by hand. 

In order to ensure the highest quality of all our natural materials, we only manufacture by hand in an artisanal way on request.

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